s the company's range of lures grew, reels were a natural addition to their product line. The first reels to be offered were the "Dowagaic" No's “1” and “2” in 1912. These were made for Heddon by the A.F. Meisselbach Co. As the demand for reels grew, Heddon hired Jack Welch to design and oversee the production of their own reels. From 1919-1930, Heddon made some of the finest reels of that era. In 1931 Heddon went back to offering reels made by others, and until 1978 offered a comprehensive line of reels for all purposes.

The Heddon Museum has on display over 175 reels, including an example of every reel offered in Heddon's annual catalog from 1902-1984, including the rare No. 30.

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