Heddon Cataloged Lures 1902-1984...plus a bit more, by Joan L. Lyons, 2018, Hardcover with 569 pages. $74.95 with 6% sales tax added if bought in Michigan + $7.00 shipping and handling in the US only. This book weighs 4.6 lbs: so it takes 7 days to ship by media mail to keep pricing affordable.

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  • Chapter 1: lists in alphabetical order, every cataloged lure with a chart listing all the changes made over the years, as shown in the Heddon catalogs
  • Chapter 2: Lures of Special Interest has information on private label, experimental, prototype, non-cataloged lures, and more.
  • Chapter 3: Colors, lists every color mentioned in the catalogs plus some non-cataloged colors and shows pictures of most of the lure colors.
  • Chapter 4: Hardware, Boxes and General Lure Information goes into every detail shown in the catalog that is not in the other chapters.

Notes and Bibliography, gives you the details where this detailed information is from. index lists the lures by number and other items of interest.

New book for sale:

THE HEDDONS AND THEIR BAIT. The story of the Heddon family and the company they founded.

The Heddons and their bait book cover

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M.T. Publishing Company is excited to offer a historic new look of the Heddon family and the company they founded through the fascinating journey that spanned over 150 years and two continents.

This new title is not a book about Heddon baits, even though those baits were the reason for the world-wide interest in the Heddon company and their many products, but about the people and events behind those baits. First known as the James Heddon and Son company, it grew to become the world's largest manufacturer of fishing lures. This is the story of the Heddon family's immigration to America, and ultimately to Dowagiac, Michigan where they founded Heddon Lures.

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